[5] Omnium bellorum, quae gessit, primo Aquitanicum, a patre inchoatum, sed nondum finitum, quia cito peragi posse videbatur, fratre adhuc vivo, etiam et auxilium ferre rogato, suscepit. Et licet eum frater promisso frustrasset auxilio, susceptam expeditionem strenuissime exsecutus non prius incepto desistere aut semel suscepto labori cedere voluit, quam hoc, quod efficere moliebatur, perseverantia quadam ac iugitate perfecto fine concluderet. Nam et Hunoldum, qui post Waifarii mortem Aquitaniam occupare bellumque iam poene peractum reparare temptaverat, Aquitaniam relinquere et Wasconiam petere coegit. Quem tamen ibi consistere non sustinens, transmisso amne Garonna et aedificato castro Frontiaco, Lupo Wasconum duci per legatos mandat, ut perfugam reddat; quod ni festinato faciat, bello se eum expostulaturum. Sed Lupus saniori usus consilio non solum Hunoldum reddidit, sed etiam se ipsum cum provincia cui praeerat eius potestati permisit.

Aquitanian War

[5] His first undertaking in a military way was the Aquitanian War, begun by his father but not brought to a close; and because he thought that it could be readily carried through, he took it up while his brother was yet alive, calling upon him to render aid. The campaign once opened, he conducted it with the greatest vigor, notwithstanding his broth withheld the assistance that he had promised, and did not desist or shrink from his self-imposed task until, by his patience and firmness, he had completely gained his ends. He compelled Hunold, who had attempted to seize Aquitania after Waifar's death, and renew the war then almost concluded, to abandon Aquitania and flee to Gascony. Even here he gave him no rest, but crossed the River Garonne, built the castle of Fronsac, and sent ambassadors to Lupus, Duke of Gascony, to demand the surrender of the fugitive, threatening to take him by force unless he were promptly given up to him. Thereupon Lupus chose the wiser course, and not only gave Hunold up, but submitted himself, with the province which he ruled, to the King.