Trystan ab Tallwch

   Trystan ab Tallwch is better known as the Sir Tristan or Tristrem of later Arthurian Romances, rather than his proper character as a chieftain of the sixth century. In the Triads, he is mentioned as one of the three compeers of Arthur's Court, as one of the diademed Princes, as one of the three Heralds, and as one of the three stubborn ones, whom no one could deter from their purpose. The legends speak of his unfortunate love of Essyllt, the wife of his uncle, March ab Meirchion, which gained him the appellation of one of the three ardent lovers of Britain.
   There is a further Triad concerning Trystan, in which he is represented as able to transform himself into any shape he pleased. Myv. Arch. II. p. 80.