At Arthur's wedding to Guenever, a cowherd named Aries requests that Arthur make his son a knight. The young man's name is Tor and he is well visaged and made for his years and unlike his thirteen other brothers, he will have nothing to do with other than shooting darts and watching battles and knights. Arthur asks to see the other sons who all look like their father unlike Tor. Arthur knights Tor and states that through prowess and worthiness, he should become a knight of the Table Round. Arthur asks Merlin if Tor shall make a good knight and Merlin surprises them by claiming that he will be a great knight for he is of king's blood, since his father was King Pellinore. They fetch the wife, comely even though she has birthed so many sons and is the wife of a cowherd, who admits that when she was a maid, a stern knight had her maidenhood half by force and she begat Tor and married Aries who suspected not that Tor was not his son. When Pellinore arrived the next day for Arthur's wedding feast, he was much pleased when presented with his son Tor.
   Later at the feast when the white hart is chased by the brachet and hounds, Tor is named one of the quest knights, sent to bring back the brachet. Pellinore gave him an older horse and Arthur gifted him armor and a sword for the adventure. During the quest, he defeats two knights that blocked his path and gains a dwarf as squire. With the dwarf's help, he finds the brachet and sets out to return to Camelot. The knight that had taken it from Camelot catches up to them and demands its return. Tor and the knight fight fiercely both on horseback and afoot. When Tor overcame him, a damsel appears and beseeches Tor to gift her the knight's head. She claims that the knight, Abelleus, was a false knight, for he slew her brother before her very eyes, failing to show him mercy even though she kneeled in the mire for to save her brother's life. When Abelleus tries to flee, Tor pursues him and takes his head. Tor spends the night with the damsel and her husband, a passing fair old knight, before returning to Camelot with the brachet. Arthur is pleased with his adventure and gifts him an earldom.