In the Quest of the Triple Goddess, Marhaus and the damosel arrive at the land of Earl Fergus. Fergus complains to Marhaus of a giant named Taulard living nearby that was destroying Fergus' lands. Marhaus determines to face Taulard and is taken by Fergus' man to the area. There have been researched suggestions that the concept of giants being used in the stories does not reflect an actual creature of folklore but was used to describe an outlaw knight that had captured lands and was using them as a base to raid nearby lands.
   Marhaus meets the giant in combat and is quickly in great peril for Taulard cleaves Marhaus' shield in two. After a fierce battle, Marhaus smote off the giant's right arm. Taulard flees to a nearby lake or the coast. Marhaus can not go in after the giant and so attacks him from the shore using stones. After many hard hits, the giant drowns. Marhaus went to the giant's castle where he released twenty-four ladies and twelve knights from the prison and acquires the giant's riches. From this point on, Marhaus will never lack of moneys.