Griflet le Fise de Dieu

   Son of Cardol and one of the young knight-companions of Arthur. Griflet is listed as one of the three men that had charge of the services that served the king, along with Kay the Seneschal and Lucas the butler. He is of the same age as Arthur and destined to be Arthur's man for life.
   But as usual with Malory, we have a discrepancy in the story. In the period of Arthur's crowning, Griflet is listed in Arthur's service. When Ban and Bors arrive and the tourney is held, Griflet receives the third prize behind Kay and Lucas for his prowess in the tourney. During the Battle of Bedegraine, his name is mentioned often during the combat. However, after the war when Arthur is in Carlion and the squire comes leading the defeated knight Sir Miles, it is page Griflet that steps forward desiring the adventure. Arthur knights him against his judgement and Griflet goes to face the knight of the well, who is none other than King Pellinore, one of the most formidable knights of the realm. This discrepancy is typical of Malory. The facts seem incongruous but Malory presents them because the conflicting sources can not properly be reconciled. We do not know if the adventures are placed out of sequence or if the stories are about different men.
   Pellinore defeats Griflet, his spear piercing Griflet's shield and left side before breaking. Seriously wounded, Pellinore sets him on his way back to Arthur. Arthur causes his best healers to save him and determines to set out himself to right his defeat. Griflet is made a knight of the Round Table following the war with the five kings.