Goeznovius, William's Life of Saint (Guillelm's Vita Sancti Uuohednouii)

The Breton Vita Sancti Uuohednouii or Life of Saint Goeznovius by William is usually dated around 1019 (according to Coe & Young).

"Quorum superbia postmodum per magnum Arturum Britonum regem fuit ad tempus repressa, eis pro parte maxima ab insula repulsis et seruire coactis. Sed eodem Arturo post multas uictorias quas in Britannicis et Gallicis partibus praeclare gessit, ab humanis tandem actibus euocato, ui iterum patuit Saxonibus...."
"[The Saxons'] arrogance was presently, as occasion presented itself, repressed they by great Arthur king of the Britons, so that they were driven out of most of the island and forced to serve. But when that same Arthur, after many victories which he accomplished illustriously in British and Gaulish areas, finally called from human endeavor, [the island] was again forcibly exposed to the Saxons..."