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Wagner - Parsifal (1982) -- DVD Snap Case

A masterful interpretation.. Presented on a two-disc set, this performance resonates, drawing on the ancient myth and the controversial and hated beliefs of the German "Weltanschauung." Director Hans-Jurgen Syberberg has placed his own mark on the film. Parsifal is a medieval symbol of purity and innocence, a search for the Holy Grail and the sacred spear, where a single resisted kiss leads to the grace of redemption. The actors perform (lip-sink) to a recording made expressly for this film, featuring singers Reiner Goldberg, Wolfgang Schone, Hans Tschammer, Yvonne Minton and the Prague Philharmonic Choir, with Armin Jordan conducting the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. More than a recording of a performed opera. Long - 255 minutes.

Amfortas: Armin Jordan (sung by Wolfgang Schöne)
Titurel: Martin Sperr (sung by Hans Tschammer)
Gurnemanz: Robert Lloyd
Parsifal 1: Michael Kutter
Parsifal 2: Karen Krick (sung by Reiner Goldberg)
Klingsor: Aage Haugland
Kundry: Edith Clever (sung by Yvonne Minton)

Richard Wagner - Parsifal (The Story of the Opera) (1998) VHS

This video is not a complete recording of Wagner's Parsifal but it provides background to the opera narrated by Placido Domingo. A number of film clips from various films add to the video and some decent acting and vocals. Perhaps not up to the power of the Bayreuther performances.

Parsifal - Placido Domingo
Klingsor - Nikolai Putilin
Kundry - Violeta Urmana

Audio CDs of the Opera