King Arthur in Hollywood


Otherworld is a 90 minute animated film, based on celebrated Welsh legends, The Mabinogi. The film combines impressive state of the art animation with live action sequences, which give the tale a unique, contemporary context.

The Story

On his eighteenth birthday, Lleu's world is shaken by the news that he is adopted. On the same day, his friend Rhiannon thinks that she may be pregnant, and Dan, who lives in his big brother's shadow, is as scatty as ever.

They all put their problems aside for the day when they come together to celebrate Lleu's birthday. Venturing on a boat trip along the coast they suddenly see a change in the water. They realise that, on May Eve, they have found the golden doorway to the Otherworld, which can be seen shining deep beneath the waters.

Being an independent and stubborn girl, Rhiannon doesn't think twice before plunging into the sea, and the other two are not far behind. As they swim deeper and deeper and get closer and closer to the golden gate, they are transported many centuries ago to the incredible world of the Mabinogi.

But Rhiannon, Manawydan and Lleu Llaw Gyffes have their own mediaeval problems. Rhiannon is being forced to marry someone she doesn't love, Manawydan is trying to make things right after his brother's malicious scheming, and Lleu is trying to come to terms with his mother's rejection.

While trying to overcome these problems, the characters have to deal with the conflict between fate, personal choice and magic.

WATCH THE MABINOGI PROMO. The film is presenting screening at sites in England. Hopefully, they will release a download or DVD for the US. Keep you posted