King Arthur in Hollywood


MythQuest is a high-end series for kids and their families. Utilizing the latest in computer graphic imaging technology combined with live action drama, this cutting edge fantasy series plays out the myths visited in a real and captivating way. The thirteen hour-long dramas feature contemporary teens Alex and Cleo Bellows as they cross into a cyberworld of mythic imagination. Episode by episode, they pit themselves against the epic creatures and dark force. In the process, they discover that their fantastic quest to locate their missing father is tied to the fate of civilization. Two of the episodes have Arthurian and Celtic roots: Episode 6: Sir Caradoc at the Round Table and Episode 11: Blodeuwedd.

In the AlterWorld, Alex becomes Caradoc, nephew of King Arthur and a squire of the Round Table. At the urging of Merlin (secretly Gorgos), Alex tries to "fix" Camelot by keeping Guinevere and Lancelot apart, but everything he tries is thwarted as the myth attempts to repair itself. Meanwhile, in the real world, Alex's actions in changing such an important cultural myth begin changing the shape of real-life history. As the world is in danger of having history irrevocably re-written, Cleo and Asher find that even their own memories are not safe from being changed.

After Cleo, Alex and Asher discover a way to track the elusive Gorgos Stone, which appears to be a link to retrieving their father from the world of myth, Cleo jumps into an obscure Welsh myth, hoping that this will be the one where they connect with their father. Instead, she finds herself jumping into the middle of murder scene where she, herself is the prime suspect. It's up to Cleo and Alex to determine whether or not the mythical woman whose life she's inhabiting is really a murderer. The continued existence of the myth and Cleo's own life depend on it.