King Arthur in Hollywood

Merlin's Apprentice

From the Hallmark site:

"Fifty years have passed since Merlin (Sam Neill returning to the title role that earned an Emmy nomination) stepped foot behind the soaring battlements of Camelot. Time has not been kind to the Kingdomóthe glory of Camelot lost after the death of King Arthur. The once verdant fields have been overtaken by the fearsome Rauskaug (Alexander Kalugin, The Chronicles of Riddick), and the villages lay in ruins. Even the once venerated Lady of the Lake (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Miranda Richardson, Merlin) has fallen to Rauskaugís command. Where once stood Camelotís greatest gift and protection, the Holy Grail, is now a blackened and empty reliquary. With Merlin back, surely the return of the Grail cannot be far behind. Or so believes the charismatic Lord Weston (Garwin Sanford, Stargate: Atlantis), Lord of Camelot, and the betrothed of the beautiful Lady Yvonne (Tegan Moss, Sea People), last blood link to Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

"But for Merlin, the fabled chronicler of Camelotís storied past, finding the Grail and restoring it to its rightful place is a tall order thatíll take more than magic. Itíll take a miracle in the form of an unlikely companion with a secret power of his own. His name is Jack (John Reardon, White Chicks), a young beggar-thief who longs to hone his own unruly magic as the great sorcererís apprentice. For Jack has an undeniable spark, a literal lightening rod for greater things, and is closer to the Grailóin body, mind, and spiritóthan anyone imagines. But first, Jack and the mighty enchanter must outwit and outlast the dreadful spell that shrouds Camelot, cross the perilous Land of the Dead, battle enemies both human and not, unleash magic both ill-fated and wondrous, and confront legends both dangerous and illuminating as Rauskaugís army thunders in their shadows to claim the Holy Grail and all its glory as their own.

"Hallmark Entertainment is proud to announce Merlinís Apprentice the spectacular sequel to Merlin, one of the most acclaimed and successful miniseries of all time."