King Arthur in Hollywood

A Kid In King Arthur's Court  (1995)  VHS ~ Thomas Ian Nicholas

One of the many modern comedies and kid's movies based loosely on Twain's Connecticut Yankee, Thomas Ian Nicholas plays a less than popular kid named Calvin who lives in Receda, California. During a Little League baseball game, a fearful Calvin strikes out. But obviously there is hidden strengths in him, for Merlin's spell to bring a powerful knight to Camelot to save Arthur transports Calvin via an earthquake back to the time of King Arthur! Flustered but un-swayed, Merlin insists that Calvin will do and that he must save the Kingdom of Camelot from the evil Lord Belasco who plans to marry Princess Sarah (Kate Winslet), King Arthur's oldest daughter! A Camelot where Arthur has daughters. Well, that's what they call writer's license. If the legend doesn't provide the right elements, add them. And what else to use for magic but a backpack full of modern toys such as a CD Walkman and rollerblades. A few tasks and problems to bring out the good in our hero while he saves Camelot and a little light romance with King Arthur's youngest daughter, Princess Katie, and we have our story. When our hero returns to the present, he is forever changed.