King Arthur in Hollywood


   Walt Disney released in December, 2005 the DVD of the first half of the second season of "Gargoyles", an animated adventure series that ran on television from 1994 to 1996. Two of the episodes, "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" and "Avalon" contain Arthurian based stories.
   "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" deals with the discovery of the Scrolls of Merlin, and their theft by a mysterious figure known as Macbeth ( *the* Macbeth, made immortal by the three witches in an incident that Shakespeare kept secret). Both Macbeth and the gargoyles believe that the scrolls contain Merlin's magical secrets. What they really contain is something far more precious.
   The three-part "Avalon" deals with Avalon and the awakening of the sleeping Arthur. Avalon is a remote island accessible only by magic and the home of the faerie-folk under Oberon and Titania. The island is being threatened by an evil wizard who plans to conquer it and turn it into his headquarters for waging war on the rest of the world. Aware that they need all the help that they can get, the gargoyles seek out King Arthur and awaken him from his enchanted sleep so that he can join forces with them in the battle.

Gargoyles - Season Two, Vol. 1

   The latter half of the second season (not yet released) includes an episode entitled "Pendragon", in which King Arthur has left Avalon to explore the outside world and joins forces with the gargoyles to recover Excalibur. This was the back-door pilot for a never-made spin-off series, also entitled "Pendragon", in which Arthur would be searching for Merlin and battling the Illuminati Society, a mysterious world-controlling organization secretly led by Sir Percival, who had survived into modern times as the Holy Grail's guardian.