King Arthur in Hollywood

Awaking Arthur

Awaking Arthur explores the possibility that it was ''from early man's primitive observations of the natural world that resurrecting Solar-heroes such as King Arthur gradually evolved.'' The documentary encompasses the significance of ancient rituals held amongst the great Standing Stones of the Megalithic Culture and continues on into Celtic legends and their early Christian adaptations. It concludes in the present day, questioning the implications of King Arthur's prophesied return and it's relevance to our contemporary times.

Awaking Arthur was filmed at the sites which pertain to the Arthurian Legends, as well as both famous and obscure Megalithic and Bronze Age locations which include:

ENGLAND: Avebury, Glastonbury, Tintagel, Stonehenge, Bamburgh, Madron, Bodmin Moor, Windemere, Camelford, Exmoor Forest.
SCOTLAND: Edinburgh, Eildon Hills, Iona, Isle of Lewis, Sterling.
WALES:  Forest of Dean, Snowdonia, Carleon, Bardsey Island.
IRELAND: Hill of Tara, Carrowkeel, Carrowmore.
FRANCE: Carnac, Golfe du Morbihan, Mont-St-Michel, Plouezoc'h, Chinon.

Presented by Michael MacRae. Produced in Australia by: Michael MacRae, Narrator: Robert Coleby, Soundtrack: Tribal Trance, Camera: Michael MacRae and Jacqueline Houghton, Script: Jacqueline Houghton, Graphics: Jacqueline Houghton, Post Production: Able Media

Screenshots from Awaking Arthur: