King Arthur in Hollywood

The Arthurian Tradition—on CD-ROM

   From "Did King Arthur actually exist, or was he simply the creation of active poetic and political imaginations? Using original fifth- and sixth-century source documents, this impressive CD-ROM examines the mythical and historical origins of Arthurian legend. Includes the text of Le Morte Darthur and Idylls of the King—with excerpts from Gildas’ The Ruin of Britain, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain and Life of Merlin, and Nennius’ History of the Britons."

   Completely interactive: guides to major Arthurian sites; extensive dramatizations of scenes from major stories; revealing interviews with Arthurian heroes.

   Enter the Great Hall of Camelot and learn about the Holy Grail and Excalibur. Meet the Knights of the Round Table—Taliesin, Joseph of Arimathea (Protector of the Holy Grail), Sir Galahad—the damsel Guinevere, and the mythical Lady of the Lake.

   See how Arthurian legend developed:

• Watch re-creations of battles, including Badon, in which the real Arthur is thought to have fought.

• Read about warriors from history, such as Drustan, Hengist, Urien, and others, who may have been knights of the legendary Round Table.

• Explore theories of Arthur’s roots as an early Celtic hero or a distinguished Russian warrior.

• Explore contemporary theories regarding the Holy Grail and Knights Templar.

• Listen as noted Arthurian expert Nikolai Tolstoy analyzes the history and symbolism of Arthurian legend over the ages.

   Complete with filmography and bibliography. Can be used with both Windows and Macintosh.

The Arthurian Tradition—on CD-ROM