Celtic Music A-L

Celtic Woman CD & Celtic Woman DVD. Exceptional new Irish stars in a spectacular performance recorded live at Dublin's prestigious Helix Centre. Musical Director, conductor, composer and arranger David Downes is yet another prodigious young Irish talent - currently working as musical director of the Riverdance show - who has garnered the forces of the Irish Film Orchestra, the Aontas Choral Group and these new and exciting soloists to create what is a truly moving and momentous spectacle.


Local Ground
The Blue Idol February 26, 2002
Once Again (1987-1993) November 28, 2000
Altan's Finest March 7, 2000
Another Sky February 29, 2000
Runaway Sunday October 21, 1997
The Best of Altan January 21, 1997
Blackwater June 11, 1996
The First Ten Years: 1986-1995 May 1, 1995
Island Angel July 1993
Harvest Storm 1992
The Red Crow 1990
Horse With a Heart 1989
Altan Frankie Kennedy/Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh 1987

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Battlefield Band

Out for the Night
Time & Tide
Leaving Friday Harbor
Rain, Hail or Shine
Across the Borders
Best of Battlefield Band


The Chieftains 2 [REMASTERED] (1969)
The Chieftains [REMASTERED] (1973)
The Chieftains 7 (1977)
Chieftains 8 (1978)
Boil the Breakfast Early (1980)
Irish Heartbeat [REMASTERED] (1988)
Chieftains Celebration (1989)
The Bells of Dublin (1991)
An Irish Evening: Live at Grand Opera House, Belfast (1992)
Another Country (1992)
The Celtic Harp (1993)
Long Black Veil (1995)
Film Cuts (1996)
Santiago (1996)
Fire In The Kitchen (1998)
Collection: The Very Best of the Claddagh Years (1999)
Tears Of Stone (1999)
From the Beginning: The Chieftains 1- 4 [BOX SET] (1999)
Cheiftains: Authorized Biography [BOX SET] (1999)
Water from the Well (2000)
The Chieftains, Vol. 3 (2000)
The Chieftains, Vol. 4 (2000)
Live From Dublin - A Tribute to Derek Bell

The Clancy Brothers

The Rising of the Moon: Irish Songs of Rebellion
28 Irish Pub Songs
Clancy Brothers - Greatest Hits
The Clancy Brothers - Greatest Irish Hits
The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
In Person at Carnegie Hall [LIVE]
Wrap the Green Flag: Favorites of the Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem
Ain't It Grand Boys: Unissued Gems
Irish Folk Songs & Airs
Tunes and Tales of Ireland [LIVE]
Irish Drinking Songs
Come Fill Your Glass With Us
Older But No Wiser
The Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone
Clancy Brothers Christmas
Ireland on My Mind
Luck of the Irish
Hearty & Hellish
Songs of Ireland and Beyond
Home to Ireland
Celtic Classic Treasures
Traditional Irish Folk Songs,
David Hammond & The Clancys
Jug of Punch
Finnegan's Wake [IMPORT]


Clannad 2 (1974)
Dulaman (1976)
Clannad in Concert [LIVE] (1978)
Crann Ull (1980)
Fuaim (1982)
Macalla (1985)
Sirius (1987)
Pastpresent (1989)
Anam (1990)
The Legend (1993)
Banba (1993)
Magical Ring (1993)
Clannad Themes (1995)
Lore (1996)
Rogha: The Best of Clannad (1997)
Landmarks (1998)
An Diolaim: Folk Roots of One of Ireland's Groups (1998)
The Celtic Voice (2000)


Forgiven, Not Forgotten (1995)
Talk On Corners [Special Edition] (1999)
In Blue (2000)
The Corrs - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2000) DVD
The Corrs - Unplugged VHS
The Corrs: The Chord Songbook (2000)


Road Less Traveled
Up in the Air

The Dubliners

Wild Irish Rovers [IMPORT]


Celts (1987)
Watermark (1988)
Shepherd Moons (1991)
Memory of Trees (1995)
A Day Without Rain (2000)

Feadoga Stain, Mary Bergin (1993)
Feadoga Stain 2, Mary Bergin (1993)

Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm (1998)
Herding Cats (1999)
Tree (2001)

Celtic Collections: Horslips, Horslips, Celtic Collections (K-Tel Series), Audio CD, June 6, 1997

The Irish Rovers

The Best Of The Irish Rovers [Remaster]
Upon A Shamrock Shore: Songs of Ireland and the Irish
Songs of Christmas [IMPORT]
Another Round [IMPORT]
Years May Come, Years May Go
The Unicorn
The Boys of Belfast: A Collection of Irish Favorites
Irish Rovers: 36 All-Time Greatest Hits [BOX SET]
An Irish Christmas


Kinnitty Sessions

Books About Celtic Music

Drone On!: The High History of Celtic Music, Winnie Czulinski. Drone On! is a humorous look at the history, mystery, magic, mythology, musicians, instruments and culture of Celtic music

Celtic Music: 3rd Ear - The Essential Listening Companion

Celtic Music: A Complete Guide

The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Celtic Music

Last Night's Fun: In and Out of Time with Irish Music

Celtic Music For Fiddle Book, Spiral-bound

Music and the Celtic Otherworld: From Ireland to Iona, Karen Ralls-MacLeod (July 2000)

Other Celtic Music

The Art of the Celtic Harp, Composer: Traditional, Performer: Régis Chenut, Arion (Fra), January 20, 1998

Bantock: Celtic Symphony, Hebridean Symphony, Composer: Granville Bantock, Conductor: Vernon Handley, Ensemble: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, February 26, 1991

The Celtic Album, Performer(s): Keith Lockhart, Boston Pops, February 10, 1998

Celtic Cello, Composer: Traditional, Performer: Marton Smith, April 15, 2000

Celtic Dances: Jigs And Reels From Ireland, Various Artists, Audio CD (August 10, 1998)

Celtic Fiddle, Levine Andrade, Barry, Stanley, Audio CD, August 29, 2000

Celtic Folk Festival, Various Artists, October 31, 2000

Celtic Journey, Cynthia, Audio CD, September 1, 2000

Eire: Isle Of The Saints, John Doan Audio CD (July 15, 1997)

Gentle Breeze: Celtic Music For Flute & Whistle, Various Artists - International - Europe - Celtic/British Isles Audio CD (July 14, 1998), Celtophile; ASIN: B000009DQ1

Goodnight Ginger, John Mccusker

Graffiti On the Wall, Wild Colonial Bhoys

Harty: Children of Lir, etc / Harper, Thomson, Ulster Orch, Composer: Sir Hamilton Harty, Conductor: Bryden Thomson, Performer: Heather Harper, Ensemble: Ulster Orchestra, August 20, 1996

Invasions-Celtic Symphony, Horslips, Audio CD, September 26, 2000

Irish Jigs And Reels, Audio CD (April 14, 1998)

Irish Rebel Songs, Battering Ram

Irish Rebel Songs: Ireland's Best ~ Various Artists

Just One Wish, Winifred Horan